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Sea freight, Air, land :

  • Air transportation (weights or volume):

We offer fast shipping service from nearby airports to the desired destination, as well as ensuring the proper packaging of the goods. This method consider to be the best way to deliver a fast shipment.

  • Domestic Trucking transportation service (cars of all sizes):

This service is the least expensive among all of shipping services. We ensure the safety and security of your goods of any kind and size, and that it will arrive to the destination on time. Just contact our employees and determine the type and the destination of the goods, and we will take care the rest!

  • Marine Transportation (containers):

This is the ideal solution for bulk goods, and the most economical. Our company provides high speed and efficiency shipping, depending on the shipping lines. We also package the goods to suit the sea atmosphere, and offer you both partial and total shipping FCL & LCL.

  • Shipping of mail and documents:

We guarantee the arrival of your personal mail, documents, certificates, and certificates of origins. We ensure it’s safe with us and will reach the recipient without tampering with contents.

Our Import and Export operation:

We offer importing different kinds of products including clothing, fabrics, auto spare parts, and industrial equipments. We also offer to import and export for third parties, including using our business licenses. The stages of our operation go as the following:

  • Buying goods and products:
      1. Each client is associated with a unique code, whether it’s a one-time transaction, or a reoccurring one.

      2. Locating the desired products, and provide our client with the best prices.

      3. Payments are made after the client accept the offer, and receiving the full shipment information.

      4. Payments are made after the client accept the offer, and receiving the full shipment information.

      5. Documentation of all transaction and expenses under our client's VIP account.

  • Receiving the products:
      1. We receive all products and goods within our warehouses, or at any other desired location by the client.

      2. We Follow-up and supervise receiving the process, and checking the recipient with the client

      3. Processing of goods through packaging, and completion of all the papers required for shipment

  • The Shipping process::
      1. Choosing the best carriers within the global networks of maritime and air transport

      2. We perform a Final inspection on all goods

      3. Issuing the policies and certificates required for the shipping process.

      4. Sending the goods according to the agreed upon ways, and keeping the customer informed on the track of the shipment and updating its data

  • Post shipping process:
    1. carried out within our warehouses or in the places agreed upon with our client

    2. Ensure the correct delivery and verifying it’s free of all errors

    3. Documentation of all transactions with the client


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